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We are Helen & Beth from Wild Woolers, we met setting up our local branch of the Knitting and Crochet guild, with Helen leading the knitters and Beth the crocheters. We became friends through our shared interests in nature and yarn crafts.
We created Wild Woolers as a way to combine our love for all things woolly, the animals that give us this lovely fluff and the environment that supports them. We do this by sourcing our yarn from small holding, conservation, and sheep first flocks, and doing our bit to preserve rare British breeds. We offer both mill spun and hand spun yarn, in both the natural colours of the various fleeces, and our own hand dyed colours. Our designs and patterns are also usually inspired by the natural world and our yarns dyed using only natural dyes.

Throughout the year we also run workshops teaching different techniques and skills from our crafts, find out more about these on our social media pages

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